14 mayo 2009

News from Peru

1) A country of seven million mothers... 162,000 of whom are between the ages of 12 - 19... (if that number were miles instead of souls, we could round the earth six and a half times with it...)

49% of the country's mothers are unmarried... 34% (of the total) are "cohabitating"

2) There are 0 confirmed cases of H1N1 in Peru. [as of whenever this was first published. now, as of 05.26.09, there are 27. pray, lets?

3) The Jonas Brothers are playing Lima. twice. as my little jorge says, "boo-yah."

4) Congreso could approve a 5-day "paternity leave" so fathers can be with their families during the momentous occasion(s).

5) "Chavist" is apparently an adjective now. (eg: ant-chavist marches, Chavist candidates, Chavist socialism.)

oh, the envy... i want my own adjective, too, blast it all.

6) Coming up soon: the long awaited Southern Inter-oceanic Highway! (tune in around 2010) Beka can drive to Brazil! No, wait; scratch that... Beka can ride, prayerfully, deliriously, feverishly altitude sick, to Brasil!

7) when one doesn't publish in a blog for, say, 2.5 years and then starts publishing like mad, one can be misidentified as a spammer. who knew?