27 febrero 2010

skype, pineapples, and talking munchkins

thought one: sorry... skype just can't fix everything...

3. What You should and should not expect from Skype

3.1 No Warranties:
Installing Skype Software enables You to communicate with other people. Skype
cannot guarantee that You will always be able to communicate with other people,
nor can Skype guarantee that You can communicate without disruptions, delays or
communication-related flaws or that all Your communications shall always be
delivered to other people.

hahahaha. is that as funny to other people as it is to me? that is seriously funny to me. somethings are just operator problems, i guess. don't sue them.

5.You should not submit comments or keywords or any information that is
unlawful, offensive, abusive, indecent, obscene, racist, discriminatory or
menacing or which does, or is intended to, cause annoyance, inconvenience or
worry, or which is fraudulent or defamatory.

so that's the part where we take a vow of silence...

thought two: epiphanies from science worksheets

it just hit me... a pineapple plant takes in sunshine and makes... pineapples.

what a wonderful world. makes me want to be a little more productive myself. what do i do with sunshine?!

thought three: munchkinisms

me to munchkin #18, who was back in his old spot after having been removed for reasons of excessive verbosity:
"didn't i move you forever and ever?"

munchkin 18:
"i get lonely."


when i read in the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe about the witch's mob shaving Aslan:
munchkin 5, distressed:
"Aghh! They turned him into a girl!"


munchkin 18, during an intense part in the same chapter:

"i need a moment."