04 diciembre 2011

What to do now?

"Now" being everything you read in a news magazine, hear on the radio, see promoted on youtube, witness your loved ones saying, doing, and turning into, worry about in the car, pray about in the morning, want to curse in the midday... all that makes cynicism look realistic. all that makes godlessness look like a beast devouring nearer and nearer to where you are...

What to do?

"Bind up the testimonies," Isaiah said to his community in a similar moment. Now is the time for prayer and fasting, for this kind of demon cannot be bidden to leave otherwise.

Now is the time for love and mercy in your family, your neighborhood and your church.

Now is the time to be winsome and childlike.

Now is the time for gentle speech, wisdom and trust.

Now is the time to say you have absolutely no idea how the future will pan out, and what exactly you and the church will be doing next year: "whereas you do not know about tomorrow -- what is your life?" (James 4.14).

Now is the time to protect the weak and to care for the broken earth.

Now is the time to care for the little things, and to eschew the great opportunities.

Now is the time to leave off theological speculation and ecclesial reorganization, and do the simple things of repentance and thanksgiving.

Now is the time to be poetic, and prophetic ...

... and to learn what peace is so you have some of it to give away.
- blessing of God upon Father Jonathan, here

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