28 julio 2005

to be magnetic but not "nice"

intense. in a good way. (then again, intense is usually good.)

thought one:
re: IND AFF (inordinate affection):
I use colons too much. That is not at all what i meant to write. what i meant to write was this: having feelings which are disproportional to reality or to worthier affections, namely toward God. paraphrased: it is not that we can love a person too much, but God too little.

thought two:
re: praying aloud:
this one is kinda weird, and i do not usually think on these matters, but every now and then... here goes:
the forces of darkness are not omniscient, right... so "they" cannot read one's mind and are limited to the position of a very intelligent, very un-handicapped human. (more or less?) so if one prays out loud, does that not give them additional insight into your psyche that they otherwise wouldn't know? would a monk taking a vow of silence and not expressing himself in any way be less vulnerable than, say, a overenthusiastic blogger?

thought three:
"talkin' 'bout my generation":
what is redeemable of the culture? need to think more on this. for today:
~the appreciation for "realness" and "genuine" folk. the appreciation for those who have the guts to "get on the mike and spit it"... a generation that WANTS honesty. maybe not truth in those words... but honesty, yes.
~so also, sincerity and passion. a cause. see all the shirts with che guevara? por que seria? even though most wearers prolly wouldn't know trotsky from stalin (hehehe... cause you know I do...) they support good ol' ernesto cause he had ZEAL and all that good stuff. and while we (err... rather, this generation) projects apathy and cynicism, it's not because their FULFILLED in that... it's self-preservation. don't hope, don't be disappointed.

i should do some hard-core "study" the post-modern movement so as to not interpret everything so subjectively.

"Maximum Luxury"