14 julio 2006

"...we live beyond words and we live beyond computation and beyond theory." -W. Berry

Dear Mom,

I have been bitten by a monkey five times in the last two days. I´m getting a little tired of the poor home-sick beast. We´re calling him "Bolognesi," after a "hero". He doesn´t like men but tolerates women. (How on earth does he know?!) Pobrecito...

if you´re the type to like...
-drinking straight from the water hose
-jumping in a river fully clothed
-eating fruit from a tree you just climbed
-truck beds
-sleeping with the windows open and the AC off
-front porches in southern summer
-iced tea
-bird songs at dawn
-sunburns and flipflops
-mountains covered with rivers and forests and such...

you might should visit the Selva.

it´s SWEEEEEEEEET. muah, Jungle, you are beloved.

just like texas, except with pineapples. i honestly re-lived a good and lovely portion of my childhood this past week. so nice. i thought it couldn´t get any better than the Sierra... and i still don´t know, but the Selva´s a close second...