30 julio 2008

love beats adventure

just so nobody can complain i only thought of the US ONCE in el Peru...

thought one:
when should a person who has been raised in the church, has no great prediliction for the world, no more than average ¨fleshliness,¨ and a general desire to please God be baptized? How do you detect regeneration in those raised Christian?

thought two:
when i was just a chil´en (in my ¨full adolescence,¨as they put it here), the central issue to a satisfactory life was what i was DOING, where i was GOING, what i was EXPERIENCING, and what i would have to talk about at school on Monday. i didn´t care who i could find to go with me, just let me GO somewhere. Being pretty much confined to the back roads of my uberly rural ´hood, i passed a lot of my time disappointed.

somewhere along the line things have changed. i don´t care where i am, just make sure i´m with the right people. and by ¨right,¨ i mean my beloveds. the ones who make it significant that the sun is shining¨, funny that the wind is blowing, poignant that the milky way is out, or okay that it´s raining. ¨hey, you guys, let´s go sit around the stove and peel corn!¨ alright! i´ll beat you there...

i love peru something awful. details might come in a bit. but the sabor of peru is the PEOPLE. my dream in life used to be to run the world ´round taking pictures of exploding embassies or hand-shaking sheiks. now, i´m stuck between just two countries, spend some disproportionate amount of my time with hands soaked in sudsy water, and blinking enjoy it because love is so much (so much... sososo much) more than adventure. i´m not sure i can explain it well, and i´d probably be more credible if i had a resume like a GI, but trust me. or don´t. taste and see. love people. compare to adventure. people win.

thought three:
There´s a song here that goes, ¨I will exalt You, Lord my King, and I will bless Your Name. Eternally and forever, every day I will bless your Name.¨ (it´s Psalm 145 put to music, i think)

and i got to thinking... every day, do i bless God? make His day? give Him satisfaction? what definite EVENTS, thoughts, motives can i point to that were sure to bring the Almighty a touch of happiness in an evil world?

thanks for all prayers... God´s real, so is His Church. keep on going, servants of God.