06 mayo 2008

"God woos humanity with beautiful, not ugly acts." ~t. oden

it's been a while... since writing. not since beautiful acts.

thought one:

the practice of loving God ruins us. (by "us," i guess i mean "good sinners.")

much gets boring quickly. we start demanding that amusement be "important" enough to be worth giving up musing. various forms of stupidity become more obvious. we get cocky enough to refrain from them. "why?" becomes a better answer than "why not?" we presume we have something better to do. we analyze EVERYTHING like some Friday-night-homework-doing law school loser.

we get grumpy. it gets bothersome to hear desacrated laughter. we get nosy. cruelty gets on our nerves. we get possessive, act like we're related to the whole human race. we learn a new language, and wanting earnestly to practice it, we find few whose ears discern more than gibberish.

ruined, i tell you.

we can't settle for a body anymore; we want a soul. we want one for we; we want one for you. we're so needy. can't pull ourselves up by our bootstraps for jack. don't have any self-respect; we'll do anything for love. His. Ours. that there might be a "Theirs."

gone is our youth... to what? ...eternity?! please.

poor idiot romantics.

what's more gullible than building a life around one whose existance has yet to be proven by today's leading scientists?! optimists... as if someone possessing absolute power would use it for our sake anyhow. idealists. where's our realism? God can do no wrong? is flawless? what kind of complex loves what it fears?

us: head over heels and shameless. we bring Him into too many conversations. if we manage to keep out His name, you can still tell we're thinking about Him. everything reminds us of "that one time," or "when He said..." we've got to drop hints all the time, all quite innocently like we didn't even realize He was on our mind...

nobody's fooled.

Divine distraction! jump into my conversations! interrupt my boredom! highjack my fixation mechanism! ruin sin! ruin disease! ruin the distance and ruin my blindness!

i could stand some good ruining...

adoration is heart revealed through habits and impulses... love exposed by slips of the tongue, obsession. appreciation. regard. consideration. intensity. extravagance.

thought two:

"... wooing and giving gifts is an intrinsic aspect of the demeanor of grace." -t. oden

God's gifts (which The Ruined really think are something) are God-flavored... they shine with God-relevance, symbolism, serendipity, beauty, dignity. He is never far from His delivery of such. He so possesses His tokens (/symbols/ acts) of affection that He's happy to receive most appreciation for THEM as unto Himself. (He does not, however, want you to forget the significance of so many symbols. anything but that.)

As the Almighty flavors all He does, so we, spiritually respirating by the Spirit of our God, ought to flavor all we do/make with Him. He's applicable (metido) like that. Bendito Dios is also interesting enough that a lifetime of work could reveal a theme, some motifs, but no end to ingenuity.

thought three:
- "the purpose of life is to get rich or die trying..." -she
- "what if you're happy being poor?" -me
- "well, that would never happen..." -she

now, the girl who said that is not what i would define as either poor or unhappy, but her comment does remind me of something else: i can never get over how sad the kids of the richest, most opportunity-filled, most knowledge- available, most-upwardly mobile, most entertainment-satiated nation on earth are. (i reveal my patriotism.)

they laugh a lot, but, dang, look at their faces when they're not laughing. and the sad thing is, they don't even know all they have to be sad about.

where are we?!


Anonymous Anónimo said...

"we can't settle for a body anymore; we want a soul"
Well said, Reb. You need to patent those 'bekkah-isms.

jueves, 22 mayo, 2008  

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