17 octubre 2008

"the only one to get us out of this mess is the One who put us here."

Thought one:

"How could I forget my son's name?! Alderberon!" – Bracy, a blood relative, age 6

Thought two:
"Irony disappears when revolutionary politics triumph.

The possibilities of truly fundamental change and the writer's conviction that he might contribute to it tend toward humorlessness. Moreover, the writer is inclined to regard himself as part of his age and its movements, denying the speculative distance that earlier writers believed they had attained." Touchstone, August 2008

[i could really get in trouble here for lack of citation. i'll add it ASAP, but me gots to write!]

the problem I have with multiculturalism is that it takes itself so seriously and culture so sacredly. if I think aspects of my culture are retarded or reprobate or inflated, i'm going to either criticize it, laugh at it, and do my best to FIX it. why would i suspend my rights to analysis and duty to evaluation when looking at YOUR culture, even if you have better music than we do?

Thought three:mornings are great for writing, terrible for reading

thought last:

kids are good for the ego...
~ they love your personhood! you are finally inimitable!
~ they view your physical appearance by your smile, the way you treat them, and how much candy proceeds from your hands to theirs.
~ unless they have older siblings, sarcasm (until grade 4 or 5) is rare. (in me evaluation, less sarcasm = more respect.) after that, kids can be trained out of sarcasm (with you, at least) if you consistantly take them seriously, joke without cynicism, and are affectionate. thusly lured into security, they will say and do some of the sweetest things you can imagine. (" 'ey, Miz Hernandez... you want the rest of my hot Cheetoes? i don't want anymore."

... and because humility is also good for the ego...

they tell the truth!!!
~ "I'm your beauty hair dresser. and you are going to make me retire!!! your hair is tooooo long. you neeeeed to cut it. it's too nappy!!!"

~ "you don't write very well in Spanish, do you? my mom said so..."

kids... they're inimitable.