25 noviembre 2008

social capitalism 101

thought one: social capital enhancers part 1, with commentary- thanks to rabbi el turi, my favorite social capitalist ever

1. Welcome a new neighbor- buy pizza, give a Wal-mart gift card [if your conscience allows], give them a box of cookies... conversely, just say "hello," introduce yourself and offer your number and assistance

2. Register to vote and vote - talk with the people in line; ask the people at work who they voted for and what were their foremost concerns/ convincers

3. Support local merchants- Mexican bread shops are a good place to start

4. Volunteer your special skills to an organization - and by "special," can mean "special grunt labor," and if you have an ounce of patience, an hour of free time, and a smattering of the presence of the Living God, please, please, please consider (as in, do) mentor a child- ask the city, they can get you connected (that was going to be #8, but i so just stole it.)

6. Donate blood (with a friend ) - HA! irony that i'm writing that. and irony that "irony" has "iron" in it, of which i don't have enough to actually practice what i preach. also: note that if you have been in a malarially- at-risk region in the past six months, you are not eligible. fyi.

7. Start a front-yard garden - Wave at the people who pass by. Greet the walkers and joggers.

8. Tape record your parents' earliest recollections and share them with your children - film and record the younguns of the family. interview them, too. someday it'll be priceless.

9. Plan a vacation with friends or family - um, have i mentioned an achingly beautiful country containing mountains, desert coast, and jungle located quite conveniently only 6 hours south of us? i mean, have i mentioned it in the past 5 minutes?

10. Avoid gossip - like a rabid dog. my sister-in-law, who is like blinking PARIS HILTON of social capital, could write a very good dissertation on how #10 connects to the Peruvian idiom, "Small town, big hell."

thought two:
"the difference between an army and a mob is... discipline." ~Pr. B.H. Clendennen

thought three: as i walked out one evening... morning... afternoon...


Anonymous Anónimo said...

1) Eat red meat and you will get more iron in your blood.

2) Please, please, never ever put your sister-in-law in the same sentence with Paris Hilton. In fact never put anything that is decent, good, true or human in the same sentence as Paris Hilton.

3) What adjective is "blinking" a euphemism for?

4) Did you know that shooting sports are one of the best ways to building social capital in E.Texas?

All the best,
The Rabid Rabbi

martes, 02 diciembre, 2008  
Blogger berekkah said...

1. most of my complete failures to pass blood muster have been in the old country, where i eat as much red meat as... a barbarian. i'm inferior: that's all there is to it.

2. Paris Hilton is a human who was created to be good, true, and decent, just like my sister-in-law.


3. "blinking" is an informal intensifier that can replace either the slangish "bally" or the mildly vulgar "blo-dy."

4. capitalism, in any form, is not inherently virtuous. just because something can be done doesn't mean it should. it's all about ethics, dear Turi.

yours sincerely,

martes, 02 diciembre, 2008  

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