05 noviembre 2008

the first wednesday in november, Anno Domini Nostri Jesu Christi 2008

"It can't happen without you, without a new spirit of service, a new spirit of sacrifice.
So let us summon a new spirit of patriotism, of responsibility, where each of us resolves to pitch in and work harder and look after not only ourselves but each other."
~ our President-elect, Barack Hussein Obama II

thought one:
so, we are an Obama-nation. of five hundred and sixty three responses, may this be my first, now and always:

may You, Almighty God and King of kings, be so real to him at this moment, in this day, in these four years to come, that he celebrates and trembles from now to eternity. remind him he is just a man, from dust he comes, to dust he goes.... and then comes the reckoning. may he take that final accounting literally, and obey Your Word like his eternity depended on it. may he take You, Savior and Judge, seriously, and quake with this responsibility. may he learn to interceed, to repent, to live for his Creator in ways he never imagined. to err is one thing; to create an abomination is another. may he do few of the first and none of the latter. may he work good, fear You, and live.

may Your people take heart and use our emotion as a catalyst to action. may no one complain who does not spend twice as much time righting the wrongs. may we not condemn the sin of our society with idle, querulous words, but in deed and truth... may we rebel against sin. may our love cover a multitude of them, and by cover, not "ignore," but "make them non-applicable." unneccessary. stealing their thunder, so to speak. may our reason be convincing and our works irreproachable.

may all glory and honor and praise and adoration go to You, now and forever, from Your Church through Christ, even in America. amen.

thought two: adages from an untravelled youth

* Abortion is unneccessary for communities that respect and sacrifice for children, even unexpected and inconvenient ones, whatever their mental/ physical capabilities. (Provided there are such communities around inconvenient children.)

* Boys who know what a man is, have one or two or three or four they really want to be like someday, and spend their whole boyhood learning manhood... don't need to grow up and marry one. (Provided there's men worth imitating about such boys.)

* Likewise, girls who know what a man is, are familiar with particulars of the type worth marrying, and frequent places where they abound... don't need to grow up and marry other confused girls. (Provided there're men worth marrying around such girls.)

* Would be terrorists [especially young, disenfranchised Arabic males] make great Christians. (Provided there are definitions of a Christian around with whom to become acquainted.)

* Boys who mow lawns, build houses, wire electricity, and fix cars with their dads and heroes don't want welfare from their baby's mama. (Provided there're dads or heroes with whom to tag along.)

* Girls who love children more than themselves don't put them in daycare. (Provided they have options on what to do with them instead.)

* Girls who love children more than themselves so much that they'll deny themselves their company so that the child can one day speak of the sacrifices of his hard-working mama... need someone(s) they can trust the child with. (Provided there's someone trustworthy who offers.)

* [I dunno how to fix health care. Share vegetables?]

* People who pour out their soul for the unshakeable Kingdom don't need to sell it for a plastic one. [Provided they understand they have a soul... and a Kingdom worth pouring it out for.]

[Hurray! The Mexicans will be with us a while still. We still have a chance to do good to the stranger in our midst. Don't miss it!]

thought three:
today must be disappointing to those uni-nationals... you know, Republicans, Libertarians, Greens with no other loyalty than to the U.S. of A.

a benevolent monarchy? i'm voting for that.

thought four: songs for 11. 5. 2008

* O Come, O Come Emmanuel
* The Solid Rock
* A Mighty Fortress [for any occasion, and no occasion at all]
* God Moves in a Mysterious Way
* Take My Life and Let It Be [Entera Consegracion en espanol]
* Rescue the Perishing [needs a remix, but sing it off key and it has almost the same effect]

thought the last:

"Submission is the permission to be creative under God-given authority."

Godly women learn it. Godly kids learn it. Good Church people learn it. Shall we?