08 enero 2009

Middle of the Week blues, consoled by G. Field and thought-provoked by el Turi

thought one:

thought two: emotions, taken apart and lying on a dissection plate

once upon a time, i had a prof whose wife was in the psych business. maybe it was in an education class, maybe we were talking about kids acting out. or maybe it was in philosophy. i don't remember. anyhow, i do remember this: he said she said depression is almost always related to anger.
last night, in a too-fleeting conversation with el Turi, we were talking about virtues and the role community plays in their inculcation and appreciation. he said, isn't it funny how responsibility and mental stability go hand-in-hand? how tranquil people are disciplined? how people who give themselves what they want often make themselves and those around them miserable?
very interesting.

thought three:
depression/ melancholy/ moodiness is...

which doesn't make me feel any better.

[oh, but this was too much info! i apologize. it's just for a record, understand.]