21 marzo 2010

we could... make lists...

thought one:
ignorance is a form of oppression.

"Give us grace fearlessly to contend against evil, and to make no peace with oppression..."

thought two:
we could...

love God,
hate Satan,
free the slaves,
stop abortion,
feed the hungry,
clothe the naked and semi-naked,
house the homeless,
adopt the fatherless,
visit the sick,
comfort the imprisoned,
welcome the stranger,
stop evil,
work righteousness,
love our enemies,
do good to the ones who want to kill us,
destroy the works of darkness,
seek the Kingdom,
cast out demons,
heal the sick,
sell all we have and give alms,
bring the lost to Christ,
receive children,
disciple the neophytes,
relish the brotherhood,
honor the [president],
love people,
raise up a generation of God-worshippers,
worship constantly,
pray without ceasing,
rejoice in suffering,
praise continually,
give thanks for all things,
and be perpetually full and overflowing with the life of God,


we are unprofitable servants.
we have done that which was our duty to do.

ni más, ni menos.

or rather, we have done that which was our function to do...

like a bird busy singing all morning and flying all day...
like a tree reaching upward, making flowers in spring and shade in summer...
like the sea all roaring and crashing, then quiet and lapping, teeming with innumerable living things.

these are not nice things with which we might pass the time, si nos da la gana.
for this we breathe, we think, we feel, we speak.

for God...

thought three:
Why should the Gentiles say,

¨So. Where is your God?¨

But our God is in heaven; He does whatever He pleases...¨
[lo que le da la gana...]

oh. and behold what He pleases to do...

-make sunrises.
-invent children.
-give laughter.
-irrigate rainforests.
-ice the tundras.
-snow in Texas.
-blow a breeze on the islands.
-crown the proles with lovingkindness.
-fill mouths with good things.
-deliver from despair.
-free the captives.
-avenge the oppressed.
-give sight to the blind.
-give the speechless a song.
-execute justice for those who suffer violence.
-represent the disenfranchised.
-animate dust.
-open minds.
-mend broken lives.
-heal diseased hearts.
-restore souls.
[you know, like give your soul back to you...]
-redeem from destruction.
[save from the discard pile.]
-give wisdom to idiots.
-educate the ignorant.
-give righteousness to wretches.
-rain on the land of the wicked.
[or let him think a while in an awfully dry one...]
-forgive debts.
-remove iniquities.
-give life to the dead.
-give love to the hated.
-give love to the hateful.
-give worth to the worthless.
-bind wounds.
-gather outcasts,
collect rejects,
select the losers,
...and then populate an invincible Kingdom with them.
-lift the head of the downcast.
-honor the shamed.
-rebuild ruins.
-construct an unshakeable city
[...without using His hands.]
-engineer streams in the desert.
-produce water from a rock.
-rain bread.
-consecrate temples to God in the midst of Babylon.
-bleed and die for the life of the world.

yeah. He's my religion.
What's yours?