25 diciembre 2011

dear humanity,

Dear humanity,

I believe we´ve watched enough Disney movies by now to have learned that Christmas is not all about the gifts under the Christmas tree. I´d like to humbly suggest the following to the "Christmas is not all about..." list.

"Christmas is not all about..." LIST:
- gifts underneath the Christmas tree.
- how much you give.
- family.
- togetherness.
- happiness.

Because if Christmas were all about family and warm fuzzies, well, not much of a gift to all the dysfunctional families made of hearts too cold and numb for all that jazz. And if it´s about how much you give, what if you´re a good-for-nothing mess of a person too poor and needy and unstable to give jack? What if you´ve driven off all who love you? What if they´re dead or too busy? What if you´re not enough to keep a crowd? What if you´ve failed all those you could´ve loved? What if you´re Scrooge... but too broke and handicapped to reform?

Well, then, have Christmas, even if it´s not too merry.
Christmas is... Christ´s mass.
He ought to have one.

Because, just think:
God became physically cold, so our freezing souls could be clothed.
God became flesh, so He could be pierced for us.
He became a tiny body, so He could have it to give up for the life of the world.
He grew veins and blood, so He could spend it for bloodthirsty man.
God became man, so that
disgusted and disgusting,
would never have to be alone again.

As ugly and lonely as we can be, we would never have to be alone again. God came to be with us, to be for us, to be one of us. And not "us" just as in universal humanity, but as in, "you" in particular. "me." the lonely, the loser, the loner down the street.

Family or no family, we would never have to be alone again.
Generous or stingy, we would never have to be alone again.
Healthy or dying, we would never have to be alone again.
With absolutely everything going for us,
or absolutely everything against us,
with laughlines creasing our eyes
or dark circles from dark nights of the soul,
with the reward of good choices surrounding us,
or the consequences of bad ones mocking us,
with children
or without,
with a bright future,
or a broken past,
we would never have to be alone again.

So, don´t just grit your teeth and wait for Merry Christmas to pass. Ignore Merry Christmas. Have a quiet, kind of sad one. But you could have a grateful, quiet, kind of sad one. You could rejoice, if not be happy. Maybe rejoicing just means getting out bed. Maybe just opening the curtains. Maybe just turning off the TV and praying a minute. But you can still rejoice. God is with us. That is God´s gift to us. In fact, that´s the only sort of "gift" we can really give back: to receive with meekness the engrafted Word, which is able to save our souls. You see, Christ´s Mass is all about receiving after all...

Rejoice, knowing all the facts... not just about our selves, but remembering the facts that include Him.

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