16 agosto 2012

Anniversary memo

What i'd like for ________, ________, and _________, (cc: et al Church kids, myself, brethren, humanity) to know and remember:

We are servants of God, but it's a funny kind of servanthood.

Imagine a woman who sets out to wash her husband's clothes... and she finds him scrubbing the jeans, rinsing the finished clothes for her, carrying the tubs of water, hanging the wet clothes out to dry...

A servant working in the field, who comes in to serve his master's dinner... and finds that the Master has set a place for him, and has meat on the coals and bread in the oven...

A man begins to mow a lawn, while his wife clears the sticks, weed eats the sides, and brings him water from time to time...

Nine years since i said
"I have labored in vain.
I have spent my strength for nothing and in vain.

surely my just reward is with the Lord,
and my work with my God."

In Whose service is perfect freedom... nine years.