01 febrero 2012

2012 and time machines exist

the back arrow on your inbox can take years off your life.* ...and i don't mean numbers. i mean, i can subtract my career from my existence. un-student teach myself. erase college. time warp back to the shape of my high school soul.

it's freaky.

past relationships (how i hate that indispensable word...) become written in present tense. the creepy thing is... the reply button is still at the top of the screen. if you're not careful, you can, mind revved by the email, start composing a reply....

....7 years late.

what a weird world we live in.

* (I guess I should say, "The back arrow on my inbox can take years off my life," as my sister's anorexic inbox teaches me not everyone leaves their emails in their inbox indefinitely for their later self to exhume in some strange digital time capsule. some people archive, which i think would still have the same general emotional effect to it as an obese inbox. some delete near everything, and are practical, and never procrastinate, and never bring heavy backpacks on long trips, either. but my backpacks are always full, my inbox is huge, my habit of procrastination not totally kicked, and thusly do such blog entries occur.)

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