01 agosto 2005

"And should i then presume?/ And how should i begin?"

Thought one:
We (several of the girls in my class) just had a conversation about homosexuality. I use the term "conversation" loosely, as i did not comment. Their views were the typical, "I don't have a problem with it, as long as they don't try anything with me," but of course, being the terribly fascinating subject that it is, the conversation continued for quite some time. were i of the prophetic temperment, this would have been what some call "a golden opportunity." but, truly (not trying to let myself of the hook or anything), i want to be defined by what (Who) i believe, not what i condemn. and that's how it would have come out. that is, until i was walking to the library and i thought of what my response could have been:

"The issue is not really homosexuality; the deeper problem these people have is their rebellion against God."

Which would really have been a "platinum opportunity," if you will. ISSUES ARE IRRELEVENT; TURN IT TO CHRIST, REBEKKAH!!!!!!

Thought two: (courtesy Michael Pearl )
"The problem is that teenagers are not wise in discerning the difference between true joy and cheap laughter. But, they can easily discern when their parents don't have any joy at all. And then, they come across a person of the world who is light-hearted and full of fun. What do you expect them to do? They don't see the cynicism and rebellion behind the feigned joy. They just know that, for the first time in their lives, they have found a context for their passion. [...] They find unconditional acceptance with the people of darkness, and since they have never really experienced God's love, they think this is the love they have always missed."
Can't believe i think of teenagers as "they," but that article is incredibly insightful.

Thought three:
"I raised my children as if I would be dead and no longer an influence in their lives before they were grown. I raised them with the knowledge that they could be removed from my home by the state government at any time. I taught them self-reliance and independence from the very start."
How effective we would be if we would just apply the fact that we will soon be dead.