29 septiembre 2005


thought one:
come now, is it REALLY necessary for the English to have 44 phonemes? and, allowing all those monsters, why on earth should we limit ourselves to 26 letters? I mean, come on... this is AMERICA... since when do we scrimp on something as important as this?! we need to "economy size" our alphabet. free trade... make some big deal with russia in exchange for a couple of their letters. we can share... the cold war's over... and think of how much the state would save on remedial reading, IEPs for the learning disabled, health insurance for teachers... i'd vote for it.

thought another:
walking in the Spirit is NOT our default mode.

thought three:
 4 October 2005

The students will consider the craftsmanship of God as Creator by hearing and discussing the biblical Creation account and comparing it to their own clay creations.

~The students come in and take their seat with a ball of clay in a Ziploc bag in front of them.
~They can take it out of the bag and play with it as I (and/or some of the students) read the story of Creation from a picture book.
~As we read, we will discuss the ingenious beauty and unrivalled excellence in Creation, by giving examples (e.g.: sunsets, mountains, the ocean, fingerprints, zebras, etc) and comparing them to man’s creativity.
~We will then attempt to make faces with the clay and discuss how God fashioned man out of clay and breathed life into him.
~We will consider how we place worth on that which create and spend a lot of time on and consider the worth that God places on each person He created. (Psalm 139:1-18 or at least vv. 13-17)