06 septiembre 2005

hmmm... so having "thought"s may be considered too pretentious???

well then... musings? ideations? inklings? ruminations?

i like ruminations.

Rumination One:
"Mi'ja" (contraction: mi hija) is magical. Okay, magical is a kooky word. "special"? It's a very nice word. I like ... oh no... what are they called? terms of affection? tags? handles? appellations? there's some word in particular that is completely absent from my brain right now. i like living in the south. let's leave it at that.

Rumination Two:
This one is from Western Civ yesterday re: death in ancient civilizations:
Western society on a whole, particularly in America, does not have to deal with death on a regular basis. It comes up, but it is unusual for people to actually watch others die. The elderly are typically in nursing homes (is "typically" safe?) and other deaths usually occur in hospitals. Thus, the actual act and process are removed from the everyday environment we consider reality. "Back in the day," even up to the twentieth century, it was not so, and thus a person's mindset was much altered by the reality of death. Here, it's something we typically put out of our mind.

i know i sure do... it's like it used to be with snow: i've HEARD it exists, and seen it in movies and read about it in books, but quite honestly, in my life it hasn't.

Rumination Three:
Also courtesy western civ.:
So the ancient civs had their "flood narratives" and "creation myths" and even "redemption stories"... and even the occassional monotheist here and there... BUT...

Yahweh was holy. (rather, "is holy")

...and that makes all the difference.