13 septiembre 2005

mental rumbling one: (prompted from a comment on hno. "yae-son"s blog)
the media... entertainment wise and on the news MESSES us up to deal with reality. i remember watching the bombing of Baghdad in 10th grade and thinking, "wow, look at the pretty lights. looks just like firecrackers."

mental rumbling two:
i'm working hard not to forget my ignorance... but i think sometimes the Lord is working even harder.

mental rumbling three:
"Huichol native mobs in [Mexican] Jalisco state have driven Christians from their homes and threatened to burn them to death, according to news reports. The first wave of 70 Huichol refugees from the village of Agua Fria, near Mezquitic, fled on foot across the state border into Tepic, Nayarit, beginning August 14. The total number of refugees was expected to reach more than 300. Most arrived ill from the 20-hour walk. Town leaders insisted that if the Huichol Christians wish to return to Agua Fria, they must renounce their faith and return to native traditions and rites -- such as drinking liquor and using hallucinatory peyote -- which are practiced alongside Roman Catholic customs. "
Jalisco is sorta south central Mexico... not anywhere near Chiapas, which has received publicity for persecution of protestants. Of course, it was a convoluted mess there, involving liberation theology, cocky revolutionaries, and intense suffering on the part of God's people. This book tells all about it. For more information on the cocky revolutionary part, Gallery and Facts will help you out. (My, but what soulful eyes he has!)