07 octubre 2005

Thought one:
"I can't say if any other country in the world has a plan to invade Venezuela, but I can confirm that the United States of America did not, and does not, have any invasion plan," said U.S. Ambassador Bill Brownfield.

i wish we would... huh...

Thought two: Cliches again
Maybe this explains my affinity for kidderos and ES(or third)L internationals... they lack the culture-saturation that is necessary for proper use of cliches... so even if they do manage one or two, it comes across kinda sweet and novel, denying its very cliched-ness... i dunno, just a "thought."...something pertaining to that undefinable "earnestness" that we haven't figured out how to manufacture wholesale in the good ol' Us of a. hmmm... it needs a whole "thought" to itself... coming soon.

Thought three:
This just in: in addition to Benjamin being a genius, Bracyshows definite genius-like potentials as well.

(From Wednesday:)
Bracy to me: "Beka, why did God make the sky?"
Me to Brasushka: "So we could have something beautiful to look at... plus, He needed a place to put the sun."
Bracy: "And the moon?"
Me: "...and the moon."
Bracy: "And the stars?"
Me: "...and the stars."
Bracy: "And the grasshoppers?"
Me: "No, the grasshoppers stay on the earth."