11 enero 2006

...oh, my soul... to be cultured...

thought one: courtesy A. Schmemann

[Utopia and Escape:"The Christian ideas gone mad."]
"Yes, the world is sick, mutilated, fundamentally mutilated by sin. But, it still sings the divine glory! It is still capable of God!"
"And today, the real intellectual and spiritual work that we, Christians, face is not simply to choose either Utopia or Escape. It is not to sell religion as a little Valium, a holy Valium pill. Our real challenge is to recover that, which I call the fundamental Christian eschatology. Whatever the Other World is (and we know nothing about it) this Other World is first of all revealed to us here and now. Nowhere else, but here. If we do not know it today, we will never discover it. If we cannot find the Kingdom of God, I repeat again, in Chicago, Wilmington, Times square, and so on, we will never find it anywhere else. "
"If there are two heretical words in the Christian vocabulary, they would be "optimism" and "pessimism." These two things are utterly anti-biblical and anti-Christian. "

thought two (technically):
La serenata- Mario Urteaga

Crepúsculo- Urteaga
(this has just become my favorite piece of artwork ever- 'crepusular,' yessss!)

Rincón de casa-hacienda

thought three: Literature....

"But all the clocks in the city
Began to whirr and chime:
"O let not Time deceive you,
You cannot conquer Time."
"In headaches and in worry
Vaguely life leaks away,
And Time will have his fancy
To-morrow or to-day.
"O plunge your hands in water,
Plunge them in up to the wrist;
Stare, stare in the basin
And wonder what you've missed." ~W.H. Auden from As I Walked Out One Evening