10 enero 2006

"Simply a bunch of nobodies trying to exalt Somebody"

(a non-related "hmmmm")

thought one:
~I do not have to justify my existence (I am knowing God.)
~I do not have to justify my salvation (Christ did.)
~I DO YES DEFINITELY EVER SO MUCH DO have to justify my blessings.

"Blessings" is such a prosaic word.

THIS! the opportunities, the wealth, the education, the books, the internet, the youth, the time, the family, the love, the language, the nationality, the Church...

why? and what am i going to do with it all?

thought two:
Multi-Ethnic Lits in America will prove to be an interesting class, me thinks. I predict I will talk too much for my own good.

to remember: silence and questions MUST be my domain!

thought three:
This is weird, I'm warning you:
If you look at the reflection in someone's irises, you're seeing what they see (though with a slight convex distortion).
But, considering that "eye contact rarely lasts longer than three seconds before one or both viewers experience a powerful urge to glance away," it's rather difficult to observe.
thought four:
The Inimitable Presence...
I was first struck by the absolute "uniqueness and irreplaceability" of persons on the last day of my last visit to Peru.
We (me, my brother and his family, and some of my sister-in-law's family) were in a Chinese restaurant (Chifa Brasil, to be precise) and I realized, wow, in a very short amount of time, there will be a very large distance between me and these people... and I can't compensate for the loss of their presence. "You can't pay me enough to make it okay that they are 3000 miles away." How funny it is, that a body can be there, or not be there, and it make such a difference. I will have memories, and I will have pictures, but the possibility for being with them will be gone.
You are in a room with someone and they walk out... the room sort of deflates a little. You're alone and someone walks in... the atmosphere has some sort of electrical charge to it, not previously there.
I'm not explaining this very well, but hey, the IP is introduced and I will refine it as I go along.
thought five: (LeTU is so conductive to thinking)
"It is faith alone that saves, but the faith that saves is not alone."~melanchthon