27 diciembre 2005

comments! (i blush.)


texas (and God) are so kind to allow fall to tarry until Christmas vacation...

i should have mentioned this earlier, but there is an incredible quality to sunlight at this time of the year... it's always at an angle, as the sun never fully goes overhead, creating a studio-light effect for the world... like perpetual time-right-before-sunset...

the best part is the way it shines on the tops of leaves. that sounds kinda weird, but despite the limits of my language... it's exquisite. go notice it.

how did God come up with the idea that light would reflect?!? or the concept of shadows?!!? ...genius!


if nature doesn't suffice and one is still in need of a reaffimation of God's goodness... that person should obtain hisself a minimum wage job.

observe how the element lives. (the ones with jobs, anyway.)

i find myself getting mad at them, as in, "how STUPID can you be to not give up your pathetic life for Jesus-life?!?!"

as if i, myself, had considered the merits of religion in general and Christianity in particular, compared it to my previous state and decided it would be the best course of action in my life...

God's grace is so GOOD, its frightening.

why me?

THOUGHT THREE: re: faith like a child

~they're not only gullible, but terribly sincere...

they do not believe things cautiously or have a back-up plan, should xyz not work out

~they have clearness of heart/ affection

when they feel... it is visible, undisguised

~they believe with conviction

receiving something from a "good authority," they will hold to it, even to the point of bloody noses

~their hope springs eternal... when all else fails, they still keep on hoping

~energy. boundless energy. willing to try anything, to effort anything... never listless... never preferring sleep over experience.

I love kids.