22 noviembre 2005

thought one:

will we have memory in heaven/ the hereafter?

we will have to give an account of our sin, true, but memory would hold pain and sadness, if nothing more than in the thought of hell....

thought two:

does it not seem that one comes to associate the appearance of someone with the feelings that person has for the other?

errrr... okay. let me try that again.

i just noticed that after the first couple of encounters with someone others, i honestly can't evaluate their appearence. i can tell you what i first thought about them, but my appreciation of their physical appearance is pretty much equivalent to how i feel about them as persons.

i cannot tell you whether any member of my family could be considered beautiful, because the feeling i have when i see each one of them is the same as if they were perfection personified.

familiarity + affection = beauty?

thought three: (while we're on the psyche kick...)

"Memory makes death a transcendental affair. As long as we (or what we create) are remembered - we continue to have a physical effect on physical systems (i.e., on other people's brains). And as long as this is happening - we are not technically (or, at least, fully) dead. Our death, our destruction are fully accomplished only after our memory is wiped out completely, not even having the potential of being resurrected in future. Only then do we cease to exist (i.e., to have an effect on other physical systems)."

man... did you just see that?!?!? existance equated with having "an effect on other physical systems"?!?!!??

i just got excited. :D

(see thought 3)

...hmmm... but maybe something's missing... b/c that's not quite a theistic view of existance, i'm thinkin'....

thought another:
"LIFE is the potential, possessed by organic originals, to create (=to fight entropy by increasing information and order), using their own software [= the brains]. ...

Upon the original's DEATH, the potential to create is passed through one's memory. Creative acts, works of art and science, or other forms of creativity are propagated only within the software (=the brains) of other, living, organic originals."

but...but...but... what happens to the INIMITABLE PRESENCE?

i SHALL return to this subject.

(oh dear, i need to stop posting things i know nothing about... i'm looking quite pretentious. but this stuff is just so interesting!)


Blogger RJ said...

Thought one:

I have heard somewhere that you cannot know joy unless you have also known sorrow. If we woke up in heaven with no memory of our lives on earth and the good and bad times we had here, would we be able to appreciate where we were?
In other words, could we truly marvel and take joy in what God had saved us to, if we had no memory of what he had saved us from?
Also, don't the angels have memory?


martes, 29 noviembre, 2005  
Blogger berekkah said...

alrighty young'n... you trying to make me think or something!?

~children know joy
~adam/eve (presumably) knew joy, even without sorrow

~"appreciation" though... of heaven based on earth... "blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted"- THAT is a thought to be pursued...

~do angels have memory...? wow... do angels have emotion at all? (hows that answering a question with a question for ya? :D)

FINALLY- i think you're right... we will have memory; much of the praise in Rev. is based on salvation what God "has" done. it also says God will "wipe away every tear from their eye," not just wipe their memory clean.

i guess His presence will heal all memory... glory.

until then!

martes, 29 noviembre, 2005  

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