26 julio 2006

How do you say foto in Quechua?

Yes, i should post.

Hmmmm... it´s just that before, as in last semester, i had to decide, "Blog or homework... blog or homework..."

Now i must consider, "Blog, or people. Blog, or my youth. Blog, or memory."

So please excuse me. Assuredly a profusion of posts to come.

Oh. and a note. A couple posts back, i mentioned something about being sad to come back.

And that´s not it at all.

I´m ecstatic to be going back... i can´t wait to stay awake all night laughing with my sister or talking till i´m asleep at the kitchen table with my brother and sister-in-law or enjoying the coffee and wisdom of my Mamita... i can´t wait to hear what wonderful souls of my acquaintance have been up to these past 3 months.

the "coming back" is not the problem... the problem is that, as far as i can tell, i have to leave to be able to "come back.". ...the leaving. all i need to do is figure out how to "go back" with out "leaving" and i´ll be set...


Anonymous Ryan said...

if you figure that out, you could change the world...

jueves, 27 julio, 2006  

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