05 septiembre 2006

hmmm.. Iraq

In Spring 2003, i was a peacenik, mainly just to be adolescent-y and difficult.

I still don't like war. At all.

(Can you believe that idiot Europeans used to line up and let people shoot at them-repeatedly! over centuries!- because they thought it was honorable?! MEN!!!)

But, I really don't like the idea of biased evaluation of... well, anything. There's always more to the story and asterisks to the fotos that are not easily seen...

Anyhow, got a wearisome email from the fatherland (patria) this afternoon, "blah blah blah mangled children blah blah blah dead parents etc etc etc bush is a monstruo" and a coward, etc."

and i found an interesting statistic:
"Insurgent forces" (i.e.: terrucos) responsible for

"Killing over 12,000 Iraqis over the period of January 2005 - June 2006,

according to Iraqi Interior Minister Bayan Jabr, giving the first official count for the largest category of victims of bombings, ambushes and other increasingly deadly attacks. [100] "

man. even so, come Lord Jesus.