11 septiembre 2006

Keep it holy.

thought one:
juxtaposition, again.

what could be worse than
a man full of God next to
a God-empty one

all humanity was made for the Creator,

thought two:
diamonds hiding in the grass
half a milimeter high
who put them there
and who will care
that they are there
at all?

thought three:
i like physics so much (i think), because it answers "why?" when all the other sciences answer "how?" and "how" is irrelevent (to me.)

thought four:
i still do "control + n" for bold, effectively opening a new "create post" screen every time i try to bold a thought. seeee, peru, i'm still with you, amado!

thought five: from 20th century Europe, basking in the enlightened thought of Dr. K

Middle-class is a state of mind.

With globalisation and the outsourcing of "intelligence-heavy" jobs,

is it over?