19 septiembre 2006

“Sharp nostalgia, infinite and terrible, for what I already possess.” ~Juan Ramon Jimenez

thought one:

"Pointing to the fundamental difference between humans and animals, [C.S. Lewis] explains that what makes a person human is his or her desire to know things,

to ask,
to examine,
and to understand.

When a person loses this desire, it is as if he has become something less than human.

It seems there comes a certain responsibility to being human. There are great and far-reaching questions we all must answer, questions we can wholly choose to ignore, but in so doing we must realize that not answering is still in a very real sense answering. We can choose not to think about God or Scripture or the person of Christ, but we are still making a choice.

-from A Slice of Infinity

thought two:
one of these days, i'm going to learn to stop putting people in boxes. until that time, humans can be such lovely surprises.

thought three:
you can tell when a person has procured the genuine heart of a servant by how that person acts when treated as such.

thought four: of the unnecessary goodness of God

before you say "God is good" (or something to that effect) one more time, take a moment to think how much He doesn't have to be.

for goodness' sake... He's the Almighty. Who's going to compel Him to be good? If He wanted to be evil and sick and torture you for the thrill of it, who would stop Him? Your displeasure? Your sense that "it's not fair!"? We're pansy mud-made humans, proven rebels. Just 'cause He created you doesn't mean He's obliged to care about you...

He's not under any necesity to sustain your nervous system, nor your digestive, nor your respiratory, for that matter.

Who could coerce Him into making the sun rise? (or, if you want to get technical, "making the earth continue its rotation business"?)

What if He decided to see what happened if He suspended the laws of gravity...? oops, there goes the earth heading off into space to collide with a meteor or a giant ball of burning gases or something...

What if He decided the mockery and treachery, blaspheme and sadism of the human race wasn't worth allowing one minute more and consumed the universe with the breathe of His mouth?

What if He got tired of the irony of pitiful creatures called "little Christs" and ended the whole project... not to mention the hypocrisy and unmitigated fleshliness hovering about the periphery...

He "could..."

...nothing "could" detain Him...

...not you.

...not my moral sense.

...not the media.

...not His "arch-enemy"

...not an underground revolution.



...just His nature.



that is the glory we want to live in, think in, react in... my God [think of it!] is GOOD.

...because He is.