14 noviembre 2006

rhetorical therapy provides perspective (see also: hebrews 12:4)

thought one: courtesy E. Eliot 11.11.06

What of the thousands who have not had the
mothers and fathers they desperately longed for
while they were growing up? Is not God calling
all whose ears are open to Him to recognize the
wounds of the world and to pour forth His love to
the lonely young man whose relationship with his
father seems to have destroyed his fitness for
manhood? Or to the expectant mother whose own
mother is far away, or indifferent, or dead, who
longs for a mother to share her joy? Whose will
be the strong shoulder of sympathy (the word
means "to suffer with") ready to bear another's
burdens?--not with the tepid sentimentality which
only weakens, but with the burning love which
gives hope and cheer and strength?

But the purpose of the commandment is love from a pure heart, from a good conscience, and from sincere faith.
~1 Tim. 1:5

Amen. Selah. It is well with my soul.