01 noviembre 2006

wednesdays are like pineapples...

thought one:

Okay, so we're doing a Bible lesson with some 1-3rd graders, and one of the leaders opens with prayer.

The little ones are doing pretty well, more or less quiet. Then he says something like "Thank You for the chance to be with these wonderful kids," and the 'wonderful kids' just lose it, laughing their little rotten heads off.

Did I mention I like kids?

thought two: the prefunctory 'thanks' and indebted worship

I started noticing something a little bit ago that rather disturbed me:

I say "thank you" to everything.

At the end of the e-mail, if I'm not familiar enough with someone to bless that person, I'll throw a "thank you" in so my name doesn't look so skimpy at the bottom. When the librarian hands me books: automatic "thank you." When I get my test back from my teacher: "Thank you."

etc etc etc

So, you say, your Mama raised you well.

Hmmm, so yes, it's a social nicety, but what disturbs me is that I rarely feel gratitude when I say "thank you;" I'm just glad I'm saying the right thing and hoping I leave a good impression (to be perfectly, unself-preservingly honest!)

Well, I'm mulling over this. How does one cultivate gratitude? There is a sense wherein I find it nice that certain things are the way they are, but that is quite dissimilar to gratitude, whose definition I have not yet formulated.

But on an interesting parallel:

The essentiality of gratitude in worship.

Humility, of course, is essential. And gratitude, the indebtedness, the SUBJECTIVE sense of wow... so much...! for me...?! is great for the cultivation of aforementioned humility. and with gratitude (amazed appreciation) comes enthusiasm. and God-enthusiasts can do God-pleasing things like a) evangelism, b) ministry c) effective prayer.

maybe more to come?

thought three:
just had one of the most interesting leadership in history classes... we were discussing HERO/ FREEDOM FIGHTER vs. TERRORIST definitions.

Vedy cool.

Now, the definition of a terrorist was simple: ideological motivation + violence on innocents + intent of terror.

And distinguishing between a hero and a terrorist was somehow easy... but defining a hero... and giving examples throughout history of people we heroize was difficult. (I have many heroes History does not know.)

I'll be thinking on it. Input is precious, as always.

thought four:
read axegrinder's this

When travelling through a less-than-bourgeois neighborhood, you know you're okay as long as you can find potted plants, flowers, or mowed lawns. But when they are not...


Blogger j2 said...

Hola, mi hermana hermosa:

So Wednesday was really difficult to get into, but as things progressed it was full of delightful and savory moments. It was worth the effort. That's my interpretation of the analogy.

Here's something to add to your musings on gratefulness or gratitude:

The sage who once dwelt in our midst, Bracy G., used to say:
"Gratefulness is the language of faith." I've never forgotten it. I use it as a sort of evaluative tool in my life. When one seems weak in my life, I do a heart exam to establish the level of the other. There's definitely a correlation.

Love ya,

Mrs. J

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