23 octubre 2006

I know of no holiness save social holiness. ~Juan Wesley

(okay, so i know i'm not supposed to be back yet, and admittedly, these are not the afore mentioned profundity. sorry. addictions make you do stuff like this. thusly do i present leftovers from last week.)

link the first:

thought one:

I wake up this morning tired.

Uh-oh, I think, and it's only Tuesday!

Then a little later I find myself singing a coro from Peru: -Those that wait upon Jehova/ will rise up on wings/ they will run and not tire themselves/ walk and not become fatigued/ New strength will have those who wait upon Jehova-

What an encouragement, I think. Amen y amen. Many thanks, that was just downright helpful.

And I proceed more cheerily. But then I keep thinking about the song and how they would sing it down south.... how i can picture a bunch of exhausted farmers singing it with all their lung capacity (or abdominal diaphragm, to be technical) after working since sunrise...

and then i think, oh.

maybe a physics test is not all that trying after all. maybe a children's literature activity is not such a struggle. maybe i'm just a big baby that needs to grow up and get tough.

*can i hear an "amen?" (not too loudly now...)

thought two: love 'em quotes! love dat grammar!
but did you know that in Spanish grammar, the punctuation goes outside the quotation marks, so the above* would be ?Puedo escuchar un «amén»?

check out this link if you've ever laughed at or been peeved by Quotation Mark Abuses

thought three:

"On having misidentified a wildflower" by Richard Wilbur

A thrush, because I'd been wrong,
Burst rightly into song
In a world not vague, not lonely,
Not governed by me only.