02 septiembre 2007

umm, hello? anybody there?

well, i was breathing south american air for a while, and it was a lovely experience (ask and i WILL tell... a lot...), but school calls, and here i find myself, once more procrastinating (what does the mission statement of the national middle school association have ever to do with me, and why do they need to use 51 pages in which to expound it?), using run-on sentences, trying to remember whether "sentences" is spelled with an "a" or an "e".... and using ellipses.... lots and lots of ellipses, while trying to get over my newfound bad habit of spelling fonetikly.

will post as often as homework gets boring!

oh, wait... before i go, i must mention a new addition to my family... his name is Tupac. (as in, Amaru II, not Shakur... the 18th century Peruvian half-Inca anti-Spaniard revolutionary... you might recognize him; he's been a guest here before. which distracts me... onto a sidenote: is he still considered a "revolutionary" if the attempted "revolution" never really revolved anything? he ended up with his four limbs tied to four horses going in four different directions. it was a baaad way to go.) but my little Tupi doesn't really have limbs at all, so that's kind of funny. he's a fish (a very good looking beta), but he's supposed to be standing in for an infant for a psych class experiment/presentation. i have to care for him as unto an infant (at least tote him around) for the next week. (they do the same sort of things with flour sacks or eggs in high schools sometimes to convince the girls to delay procreation.) my brother made me wait till this afternoon to start the experiment so as to not disturb the church service.... my mother is not happy. she think's i'm going to kill the little wee one. i think he'll do great. he's a fighter.... down with the dirty imperialists!