05 abril 2007

what's good with the universe?

thought one:
problem: confusing our particular worldview/ reality tunnel with human nature. "we 'naturally' see things this way, therefore everybody does. or would, if they weren't brainwashed otherwise."

thought two:
problem: entertainment SHAPING values rather than indicating them.

you, my friend, and i are the subjects of others' agendas. they make us feel sorry for whom they will, feel ashamed for what they will, and appreciate what they will. their idea of beauty, of valor, of tragedy will become our own if we don't DISCERN DISCERN DISCERN. analyize. critique. take nothing (especially your emotional response) at face value... or consider it TRUE just because it's apparently automatic.

thought three:
problem: Youths today (so very many many) are victims of false dichotomy... either live la vida loca and be hot, or "abstain" (gee whiz, what a word!) and be ... an abstainer. we need some zealous, manly monks or somesuch...

thought four:
ya know, sometimes i really wish the pentecostals were right, and there was "more" to get of the Holy Spirit. as in "filled" and "powered up" and "energized" and not...



Anonymous axegrinder said...

1. A connected one that I love is, "If that doesn't bless your soul then there's something wrong with you." Yeah, I love that one.

2. You're quite the conspiracy theorist. Hey, if it feels good, then it must be true, right? That's what I always say when I'm playing poker with Beelzebub, Elvis (who is not dead), and Bill Clinton.

3. I was just thinking about the whole abstinence emphasis today. My friend, Matt, said the other day that abstinence is not a virtue. It is simply not doing something. "Abhor what is evil and cling to what is good," I believe is how the prophet said it. I think that the abstinence message, if it is not already, needs to be couple with alternative socialization.

Of course, public schools will not allow that. They can only try to stem the tide of evil; they cannot offer streams of righteousness or let anyone operate in their midst who can.

4. You know this already - always room to go deeper. The dullest moments may be a gateway to the greatest progress.

jueves, 05 abril, 2007  
Blogger berekkah said...

2. do you tithe your winnings though?

can't tell if you were wholly mocking me... i guess i was thinking more younger audiences and dirty hip-hop, che guevara, youtube and the like... and especially my peers who say they are not affected by such.

my heroic hist. prof mentioned once how voltaire won arguments by making the opposite side look ridiculously funny, not necessarily by touching their logic.

3. i think "alternative socialization" could become the new catchprase...

jueves, 12 abril, 2007  
Anonymous axegrinder said...


I absolutely was NOT mocking you. I was, on the other hand, mocking the idea that we are unaffected by what we CONSUME (vs. discerningly engage). You are right on the money. The total avoidance route is not illegitimate but it is not the way I'm going to live.


jueves, 12 abril, 2007  

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