11 diciembre 2007

" 'Malignant chaos' will need exorcising" ~Conn & Ortiz

thought one: from Conn & Ortiz (as highlighted by the Rev. G.S. Tebbe) in Urban Ministry

" ' Malignant chaos' will need exorcising as surely as an order chosen primarily because it is secure and comfortable. Is the manifestation of chaos truly disordered or only apparently so? Is the urban practitioner equipped emotionally and theologically to see chaos as an ingredient of harmony? [...] I think

What discernment gifts are needed to mete out order for those governed by chaos and offer some measure of appropriate disorder for those bound by exaggerated order?

Safety, after all, is not always salvific,

nor is security always sound.

Boundaries... are not always beneficial,

and surprises are not always subversive."

thought two:

so i think i have the seeing potential in chaos down pat... humans over tardy bells and all that rot. if i learned one thing in college, the worth of humans and their preeminence in priority is IT. what i lack is the exorcising of the malignant disorder...

can it be so hard? what's WRONG with me?!? besides laziness. and instant gratification. besides all that.

thought three: e. eliot. puts in her 2 cents

"The earlier the parents begin to make the laws of order and beauty and quietness comprehensible to their children, the sooner they will acquire good, strong notions of what is so basic to real godliness: self-denial.

A Christian home should be a place of peace, and there can be no peace where there is no self-denial."