10 octubre 2005

too much coffee and too little western civ...

...makes rebekkah think she shan't do this again...

(it almost rhymes)

thought one: re: chivalry
by whatever finanglings of my history, i have strong feministic tendencies. at the same time, i am an "evangelico," so i'm not quite content with being confined to a worldly species of "feminist." (last night, G & A and I were having a rather funny conversation, and the idea for a club, "Feminists for Jesus" came up... but that's [almost] entirely off subject) what i wanted to write about was chivalry... because i like it.

but here's the rules:
a man can do "it" for me if:
~"it" is disproportionately easier for him/ harder for me (eg: carrying luggage)
~"it" is a courtesy gesture, in matters of equal difficulty (eg: opening a door)
~i am feeling lazy (eg: letting someone go to another room to bring me a chair)

he cannot when:
~"it" would significantly inconvenience him (eg: calling my brother from lake o' the pines to come change my flat tire= no)
~"it" would be disproportionately easier for me just to do it myself (eg: opening a car door)
~i am feeling stubborn and generally feminist-y (eg: riding in the back of a truck in the

thought two:re: masculinity
kudos to all males:
~who say yes ma'am, no ma'am
~who open doors for others
~who refrain from flirting.
~who are not distraction by half-clothed members of the supposedly fairer sex...
~who make a covenant with their eyes not to sin
~who who respect a girl's personal space
~who detest coarse talking
~who attempt courtesy
~who respect their mothers and demonstrate affection for her
~who pray out loud
~who take the initiative to lead
~who fear God
~who demonstrate humility
~who sing loudly
~who are zealous... for God... for His kingdom
~who treat women as sisters and co-laborers
~who know how to relate to kids
~who lack self-consciousness
~who do not talk over-much
~who defend the weak
~who are unafraid to stand alone
~who are disciplined
~who respect all persons
~who keep their shirt on
~who read
~who show enthusiasm
~who take life seriously but themselves lightly
~who are tough but sensitive to God
~who serve
~who live for the benefit of God...and no for no one else do they speak, do they dress, do they walk, do they act, do they question, do they exist...kudos.


i'm kinda optimistic about the human race right about now.

a thought on feminity will have to wait.