18 noviembre 2005

if i only had a brain... i would be on the OTHER END OF CAMPUS (the smart side)

thought one:
" Human beings differ from each other at a genetic level according to the information encoded on the DNA molecules. There is encoded on to some of the DNA molecules, a set of information which causes human beings to be unbelievers in the God and Father of Jesus Christ. For this reason, a person can be convinced that the facts [...] do not add up to a Designer because there is a section of DNA making it impossible for that person to believe this theistic and potentially Christ revealing understanding, regardless of the power of the argument presented to them. Another person remains an evolutionist and an atheist in spite of the scientifically impossible nature of spontaneous generation, because the "unbelieving" segment of the DNA causes him or her to want to not believe in God. "

wow. that's predestination one-upped, no?
i think i actually got my money's worth out of LeTU last night.

thought two:

why does black people music incite movement/clapping/"getting down"? why do amelia's songs send chills up one's spine? what does my people's music lack to be the kind that takes your heart and squeezes it just a little?

is it:
a) a beat
b) minor keys
c) necessity of diaphragm-controlled breathing
d) the southern end of the musical scale
e) soul

i'm not complaining. i was just really pondering the impact that these folk songs have on people.

is it wrong to sing the same thing repeatedly?
is it pathetic to sing more than 5 songs in a service?
is dancing really immoral?
how much does God get out of singing, anyhow?

as Timberella (or was it el Turi?) said, paraphrased: if you're not enjoying it, God sure isn't either.

thought three:
Paul never quotes Christ.


Blogger Pastor Tebbe said...

Actually Paul does Quote Christ a few times, such as 1 Corinthians 11:24
"Y habiendo dado gracias, lo partió, y dijo: Tomad, comed: esto es mi cuerpo que por vosotros es partido: haced esto en memoria de mí."

lunes, 21 noviembre, 2005  
Blogger berekkah said...

good call, good call.

lunes, 21 noviembre, 2005  
Blogger RJ said...

About the musical part of your post:

There is one passage in the Silmarillion (by Tolkien) that I have kinda latched onto as a description of the kind of music that plucks at my heart strings. For context sake,Tolkien was describing a theme of music set forth by Illuvatar before the beginning of the world.(There's more to it, but that must suffice. It's a long story.)
Anyway I can't remember the exact quote, but here is what I do remember: "It (the music) was deep,wide and beautiful, but blended with an immeasurable note of sorrow from which its beauty chiefly came."
Whenever I read that passage I can almost hear the music in my head, but like a dream it fades before I can bring it into the real world.

Anyway, good thoughts. Keep it up.

Legontis (posting from Dad's computer)

lunes, 28 noviembre, 2005  
Blogger berekkah said...

-"Whenever I read that passage I can almost hear the music in my head, but like a dream it fades before I can bring it into the real world."-

keep trying though! meditate on that passage repeatedly, grab your fiddle (or violin, as the case may be), and get going... maybe it won't be the exact same as you imagined, but hey, i assure you it'll sound great to us non-musically inclined people.

lunes, 28 noviembre, 2005  

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