16 noviembre 2005

reason number five-thirty-three why one should sign up for "a slice of infinity"

"At the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. there is a large wooden altar from a synagogue that was vandalized by Nazi soldiers who had come to remove the Jewish citizens of the city. Across the altar is a single phrase of Hebrew carved deeply into the wood. Though it bears the hack marks of axes that attempted to delete the words, the phrase is still decipherable. It simply reads: "Know before Whom you stand." "


Martin Luther had an (apparently) beautiful marriage.

just had an epiphany of sorts. it was quite distressing, really.

setting: my teaching of reading class... the professor is talking about teaching study skills and we are discussing photographic/short-term/long term memory and retrieval systems...

he says, "a lot of you operate almost entirely on short-term memory... before a test, you cram and then make an a... but if you had to retest the next day, you'd fail the exact same test. you're cheating yourselves out of an education."

baboom... ouch (here comes the epiphany)...

i've always been kinda cocky about being able to cram or "cheat the system" in one way or another. felt so darn clever. but now, the realization is slowly coming to me that i don't KNOW anything... i know how "to get by," and i know "test taking strategies..." i know how to get the best grades on a minimum amount of work, and i know that when in doubt on a multiple choice test, one should always choose 'c,' but...

i cannot explain to a six year old how an airplane flies.
i have no idea what kind of trees are native to texas.
i can't build a model volcano.
i don't know how many layers there are to the earth's atmosphere.
i can't remember erikson's stages of development.
i have no idea how the bolshevik revolution started.

and it's not public school's fault either. i see the books they have... they are GOOD.

it's my fault because i'm lazy.

i'm rather glum now. thanks for asking.