23 enero 2006

"you're so proud of saying you're a seeker, but why are you searching in the dark?"

thought one:
of love [agape]: deciding to place worth on another's existance/ person

thought two:
Attributing worth means creating circumstance for potential loss.

for God so loved the world... means God attached Himself emotionally to the human race (read the Prophets.) To care whether mankind as a whole burned... or a single soul was wasted.

By His decision to love us, God also decided to suffer emotionally because us... every day of our wretched human history.

I think it bothers me to read the papers?!?!?


thought three:
from Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca- La Relacion

[Regarding the assertion that a new group of Spaniards (the "Christians") were the "same type" as Cabeza de Vaca's group, who had lived with the Indians]

Speaking among themselves, they said instead that the Christians were lying, [...because] we healed the sick and they killed the healthy; that we were naked and barefooted and they were dressed and on horseback, with lances; that we coveted nothing but instead gave away everything that was given to us and kept none of it,while the sole purpose of the others was to steal everything they found, never giving anything to anybody.[...]The Indians could not be persuaded to believe that we were the same as the other Christians."