18 abril 2006

"i wanted to become a painter. i became picasso" -Pablo Picasso

thought one: re: Montparnasse, the Parisian neighborhood where Rivera (et. al.) were encouraged in their genius-y pursuits

"Arguments were common, some fueled by intellect, others by alcohol, and if there were fights, and there often were, the police were never summoned. If you couldn't pay your bill, people such as La Rotonde's proprietor, Victor Libion, would often accept a drawing, holding it until the artist could pay. As such, there were times when the café's walls were littered with a collection of artworks, that today would make the curators of the world's greatest museums drool with envy."

ok, so that's nice. but could they cook like Amelia? hmmmm? did they have kids as cute as the sobrinos? i didn't think so. hmph. who needs paris when you've got a home (or three)?

thought two:
whose bright idea was it to have so much of ourselves invested in the immaterial electronic world? cause i'm really not feeling it right now.

stupid disappearing files. excuse me while i SCREAM. quietly. (so as not to disturb the other library patrons.)

thought three: (courtesy Madame Eliot)

"Paul['s] life did not represent a series of events in which we would say it was
"easy to trust." It was not easy. It was necessary. A life free from suffering would be a
life in which faith in God would be a mere frill. A human life, on the contrary, is one in which faith is a necessity. Only a fool tries to do without it."

musical thought of the day:
"dear heavenly Father, make a list and consider it done. (signed) Your humble servant....

is there anything that i can do for You (repeat) after all the things You've done for me, is there anything that i can do?...
is there anyone that i can be for You(repeat) after all the people You've been to me, is there anyone that i can be? ...
is there anywhere that i can go for You (repeat) after all the places You've been for me, is there anywhere that i can go? ...
is there anything that i can do for You (repeat...)"