31 marzo 2006

"Something always told me I wasn't no rich white woman."

thought one:
"Break a fear-of-man problem by aggressively loving people." ~A. Seu

thought two:
you know, it's funny how much attention and adoration is lavished on celebrities of one kind or another. i think we can't handle the supreme unestimable worth of "the other" all around us, so we try to cram the value of six point something billion people into select mortals who happened to be packaged well.

thought three:
“In my state, the mother is the most important citizen.” ~A. Hitler

thought three and a half:
"The Nazi regime awarded a bronze “Honor Cross of German Motherhood” to “fit” Germanic (“Aryan”) women who had four or five children, silver for six or seven, and gold for eight or more." Deadly Medicine

[websites "recommended for visitors 11 years and older" scare me.:-/]


Blogger Wolf17 said...

Hey this is steffen. just thought that I would say hello
so hello

lunes, 03 abril, 2006  
Blogger berekkah said...

hey steffen- thanks for reading. i hope yall can make it next sunday for fellowship dinner.

have an excellent day!

lunes, 03 abril, 2006  

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