20 marzo 2006

"The Vox Populi is not always the voice of God"

thought one:
what does it say about me that my blood-pressure can rise about events that occcured before i was born?

~stupid treaty of versailles (1919)
~stupid rebels. stupid civil war. (1860-1865)
~stupid alamo. (1836)

i hate war like i hate materialism and hypocrisy. i hate it verily, but cannot afford to expend the mental energy. but then again, i'm a girl... figures that i wouldn't understand such matters.

thought two:
I was trying to figure out... everything... no, wait; hold on. more focused than that. ok. how one approaches the idea of a "normal" family or a "holy" life. i would say this is probably pretty common sense and applicable in many different respects, but it helped me to sort things out:

~EXPECT: when one interacts with a behavior constantly or significantly repeated over a long duration of time. one expects the ideal as normal.
*eg: Growing up, my family always ate dinner together. Therefore, not eating together as a family seems to me grossly unhealthy and sad.

~COVET: when one sees a behavior repeatedly and desires to appropriate the practice into one's life.
*eg: When I went to Peru, I saw the brothers their witness at any given opportunity. As it was beautiful, I want[ed] to be able to do that myself.

~WISH: when one hears/reads about a behavior, or maybe remembers a given behavior from one's past, and has varying degrees of longing for the actualization of such, though doubting the probability.
*eg: In most girls' childhoods, they believe they will grow up to marry Prince Charming. Generally about age 15, they have [many times] *realized* that there are no Prince Charmings. Therefore, though they *wish* these fine specimens did exist, they stop holding out for such ones and settle for punk rockers. or cowboys, as the case may be.

thought three:

"16Your words were found, and I ate them,
And Your word was to me the joy and rejoicing of my heart;
For I am called by Your name,
O Lord God of hosts."

Jeremiah 15:16