25 septiembre 2006

Ni chicha ni limonada...

thought one:

i "hate" missions chapels. they make me emotive.

thought two: advice

much would be kept holy if we were always to treat the "others" as if they had a [hypothetical] spouse at their side.

thought three:

~> America accounts for over 20% of the world's energy consumption, but only 4.5% of the population.

~> We live in a society of surplus... what would it be like to live in a society of scarcity?
scarce: water, calories, heating, light, transportation, money, work, housing, ideas, freedom, truth, love, hope... are we not responsible for our surplus(es)...? liable, even?

thought four:

i have decided to become a capitalist as of 3:20 last Monday afternoon.

that's really funny in light of the quote of the day, but hey, i'm 19 and in college for the procurement of brains. this is progress, really.

quote of the day: [i continue with my ctrl+k, ctrl+n-ness... yessss!]

"If you are not a socialist at 18, it shows you have no heart. If you are a socialist at 30, it shows you have no brains."