02 octubre 2006

"I love myself when I am laughing... and then again when I am looking mean and impressive" ~Z. N. Hurston

thought one: life lessons from Elizabeth I

~ surround yourself with wise advisors
~ have some kids
~ use marriage as a weapon

thought two:
"[there is] this peace inside that says God is up to something."


"why blame the dark for being dark? why not blame the light for not shining in the darkness?"

edgy chapel invite of the year: http://www.xxxchurch.com

thought three:
to do:

~ discomfit entropy
~ outwit intertia
~ get self-disciplined.

(i'll let you know how it goes.)

thought four:
to secure relationships:

~ pray often together.
~ pray often with tears together.
~ pray often with tears FOR one another.

"look well: if you see someone that does not cry in the presence of the Lord, you will see a person eaten by lust and sinful desire." -Hno. A. Trujillo

thought five:
Physics = tricks to conquer the universe... by submitting to its laws.


Blogger axegrinder said...


2. "why blame the dark for being dark? why not blame the light for not shining in the darkness?"

Why not discontinue the quest for soundbites that recuse Christians from their God-given responsibility to show the difference between light and darkness, the holy and the profane, the clean and the unclean by words AND deeds?

We are called to address both the world and each other. The above statement is one of a million examples of a cutesy avoidance of the uncomfortable confrontation that we must have with the world.

Keep the balance.

3. Amen. Such efforts will indeed involve our wits and our strength. Well and potently said.

When you discover the painless way to become disciplined, let me know. We'll make a million dollars.

4. You are spot on about the relational importance of corporate prayer.

Trujillo on tears is about as accurate as if I were to say "Show me someone who's always crying in church and I will show you someone who is emotionally immature and mentally unstable."

We cannot make tears or any other occasion of our personalities the measure of spiritual health. We must be careful never to alienate those who are of a more even temper. People are not unholy because they appear unmoved.

It is only the Spirit who searches and knows what transpires in the hearts of men. If a man obeys the commands of God and lives a life that witnesses to the truth of the Gospel, then I do not care if I never see a tear in his eye.

Keep the balance.


PS I like how you are willing to put thoughts out there. It is a fantastic method for getting conversation started. We are often too afraid that we will say something wrong, so we never get anywhere. Kudos.

lunes, 02 octubre, 2006  
Blogger berekkah said...

somebody's feisty tonight...

2) i think it depends on what you're looking to find in these cutesy quotes... if you are reading it confrontationally, ja, you could get annoyed, and pretty much stay that way for the remainder of... well, you're interactions with the human race. but the words stood out to me @ least as a NEW cutesy quote, thusly i saved it.

also, should have put it in greater context. the "message" was on obedience to God... i believe it was something like, "go and do..." to please Jesus, using examples of fasting, kids work, ministry for recovering porn addicts...

maybe i do not discern/analyze enough. i just wanted something to keep from chapel. :-) it stuck.

too tired to tackle the rest, but allow me to say, i like that you're unafraid to put your responses out there. makes for some excellent thoughts and attempted rebuttals... thanks, bro.

lunes, 02 octubre, 2006  
Blogger berekkah said...

4. Is or is not crying a part of the human experience? if it is, and one will be expending emotion anyway, why would that person NOT expend it before his God? (we weren't talking about crying in church, per se)

without getting polemic here, can we express true worship without emotion going on SOMEWHERE? but i do not think you are saying that.

admittedly, tears are not the same as emotion in any case... perhaps a better statement would not include "see" and would rather be phrased: "crying OUT to the Lord" (as in, speaking to God and getting a li'l moved about it all.)

fair enough?

martes, 03 octubre, 2006  

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