16 noviembre 2006

"Make your own sunshine."

"The Scriptures report that there is the "power of life and death" in the tongue. That is, the spoken word goes forth and does not return void.
We create or tear down with the things we say.
We shape attitudes, expectations, and situations.
We foster life or we further death.
Complaining is an expression of resentment over unmet expectations. But it is an expression that serves only to affirm our own expectations--whether they are based on faulty visions of reality or not. It is an expression that says, "I refuse to reevaluate my perspective, to reposition my gaze to a higher altitude. I am right and this is all that I will see."
But it is easy to find ourselves offended by pierced canopies. It is easy to grumble; no one complains without feeling they have justifiable reason to do so. ... But how often do we find ourselves grumpier for having vented?

What we speak further shapes what we see.


is a matter of
and our words speak


to that vision."

-thank you, Jill Carattini