06 enero 2007

"what a terrible dignity is man's..."

"Here is a game you can play for months: Rake over the past, sift and tinker with it, trying to rewrite just one small part.

What a terrible dignity is man's, that his every little word, carelessly strewn, should alter the configuration of the universe for all time
- and even have repercussions into eternity." ~Andree Seu

New Year's Thoughts:

ove: (v.) (n.)
-my God -the brothers- those on the Outside -without reproach -without hypocrisy -no record of wrongs -kindness -patience -hoping all things -faith that walks and talks -trust -no stumbling blocks -fervent affection -wisdom -sweet meaningful sobriety -joy -willing to yield -extravagant -not self-seeking -servanthood -cheerfulness -unceasing prayer

no shadows. no obscurity. nothing hidden or withheld that ought to be shared. clear living. transparency. sincerity. no pretentions. the "good" honesty. perspective, no blindness. discernment. loving the Bread of Life too much to fulfill the hungers of the flesh. zeal. sacrifice. gratitude. rememberence. thought. meditation. cohesion = truth applied.

No regrets:
-"what if"s assuaged -responsibility -time appreciated, not empty, not afflicting -days, hours, minutes -greetings, farewells -opportunities -"the terribly dignity that is man's...", redeemed -resources invested with all assurance -no words of the flesh -no careless offense (eyes fixed soberly on Jesus, won't He keep me?) -no "i should have done... i should have said" -perfect love casting out fear -abiding in Christ -perfection in love -"what is your rationale?" "hmmmm... it's just that... i love my Jesus..." (beside myself for Christ)

See the Glory:

faith. prayer. self-lessness. prayer. the Church. prayer. fear. prayer. worship. prayer. adoration. prayer.

"Where is Jesus? i am THERE, then."

"i am here... where is Jesus? come, Lord..."


Did I not tell you that if you believe you will see the glory of God? ~Jesus


de veras?!? vamos ver...

andale, 2007