06 diciembre 2006

"1) the worker is alienated from what he produces.

2) the worker is alienated from himself; only when he is not working does he feel truly himself.

3) Finally, in capitalist society people are alienated from each other; that is, in a competitive society people are set against other people. "

where does man find "the fulfilment of 'his potentialities as a human?' "

Communism is not the answer.
Drugs and good music won't work long.
A throwed car won't make it better.
A boy is not the answer.
A girl is not the answer.

mi sweet Jesus.
Reconciling within Himself God and Man....
Given [giving Himself!] for the life of the world...

Merry Christmas... what else is worth positive emotion, if not GOD. WITH. US.?

unity in diversity.
a future.
a hope.
love that hopes all things.
a Kingdom that cannot be shaken.
something to sing about.
Someone to sing to.

go make somebody's Christmas merry. remind them of Jesus.