10 septiembre 2007

"In general, nuns who became senile were less emotionally expressive."

thought one: of Columbus

" 'His hopes, his illusions, his vanity and love of money, his devotion to by-gone ideals, his keen and sensitive observation of the natural world, his lack of practical power in dealing with literary evidence, his practical abilities as a navigator, his tenacity of purpose and boldness of execution, his lack of fidelity as a husband and a lover, his family pride' all mark Columbus as an appropriate figure to start the story of America's place in the world."

~from The American Age, W. LaFeber

thought two:

Some say our personality is completely developed by age 5 or 6.

Very interesting. Personally, (as is most everything my rotten little egocentric self considers "interesting,") i am presently more like who i was at age 5 than age 15.

what would we be like if we never had to go through "Adolescence?" if we could just be NORMAL from 10-20?

thought three: on human resiliance

"As long as the women are going to the beauty parlors, there is hope for the human race."

~Rev. G.S. Tebbe, upon observation of a Peruvian's post-earthquake beauty rite

Tupi's doing fine, if a little bored with the living room right now. he says it's not as intellectually stimulating as American Foreign Policy. i tell him he's just going to have to concentrate on developing a rich inner life until we can get a middle school (PAID) assignment, him and me. hopefully in about... eh... 11 months or so... then we can go back to analyzing the cognitive, social, and emotional development of human learners (and i can get... PAID for it... did i mention that?) but seriously, fish have interesting perspectives sometimes. i find it helpful to get outside of my reality tunnel every now and again, and Tupac's a great catalyst for that.