11 enero 2008

excerpts on Ideology, Art, and Science

(from Fridays with el Turi, Thoughts by the Rev. G.S. Tebbe, commentary from Hernandez, R. ed.)

~ Ideology is a box. Your thoughts are inside. Conversely to this wallish-ness, Theology is a starting point. Or, Ideology is a prison; Theology is a horizon.

~ The opposite of Ideology is Anarchy. Theology is neither Ideology nor Anarchy, but a balance between the two ("the best of both worlds.")

~ Ideology kills Art, especially as Ideology is politicized. It is very often politicized, as Ideology seeks power to survive. It is not self-sustaining. Nonetheless, power is not always political. There are more ways to control others than through government. Ideology uses all ways.

~In addition to serving as an anti-Art contraceptive, Ideology (or various "party-line mentalities") kills Science because both Art and Science live by critical thinking. The Mentality limits the thoughts you can think and lists the questions you can ask. It is committed to a goal, an end, and anything which interferes or distracts from the given ends is superfluous and/or dangerous, thusly shunned by various workings of power structures.

~ Art and Science are closer kin than they appear... Their father is Reality. Art and Science live to explore and express Reality, just as Theology lives to explore and express the Father.

[Oh, híjole! Do we love the cohesion yet?]

~ Details tell you a ton. They are necessary to understand the whole. Good artists (and good scientists) catch those details but without losing sight of the whole. The details are imperative to the telling of Reality, but they dissolve into emptiness if the whole is ignored. Tellers of Reality must not become shortsighted by obsession with the microscopic.

~ Ideology tells Artists and Scientists what their research will reveal to them. The data samples assigned to them are not representational. Theology promises, and then allows the observer to validate the claims… with all the data history, nature, science, philosophy, religion, sociology, psychology, and walks down the street can provide.

~ Remove thyself from thy box. Check out the promises. Reality is harsh… but it’s the only way.


Blogger Theobald said...

Someday someone in power is going to read this stuff you write, These late-night conversations you tell from the rooftops, someday the word is going to get out to the Powers-that-be,
then you are really going to be in trouble.

viernes, 08 febrero, 2008  
Blogger berekkah said...

two syllables:


!que viva la turba gallorum!

domingo, 10 febrero, 2008  

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