12 octubre 2005


~having to start a new day without finishing the old one
~taking a shower on a cold day when someone has just put clothes in the washer AND begun doing a sink full of dishes
~perpetually walking into western civ. 20 minutes late
~anything pertaining to high-heels
~computers that won't turn on; others that sadistically crash
~disks that become unformatted
~coffee spilling in the car
~coffee spilling, ever
~nails that are cut too short
~uncontrollably using "that" when you mean "who;" "could care less" when you mean "COULDN'T CARE LESS;" "tu" form when you should say "usted;" "was like" when you mean "said;" "ejucashun" when you meant "eD-u-CA-shun;" hangin' your g's in public; "fer" instead of "for;" "tuh" instead of "to;" "thuh" instead of "the;" semi-colons instead of commas
~chewing gum that you can't throw away
~not being able to hear during a conversation you really want to have
~being stuck in jr. high indefinitely

i should write a book... in italian! oh wait, somebody already did