26 enero 2006

"you can have all this world... give me Jesus"

thought one:
~an academic with an evangelistic coffeehouse
~an agriculturalist in Palestine/ Gaza
~worker in a Thailand orphanage/ "rescue" center for girls
~a counter-counter-revolutionary in Nepal
~a humanitarian worker in Darfur/Sudan [Africa]
~a Bible translater in the Caucuses
~anything in Kazakhstan
~a globe-trotting photo-journalist/ reporter
~a bilingual teacher living in the barrio with a home for girls
~this one.

thought two:
God saves us not just from what we did/were, but WHAT WE ARE WITHOUT HIM. we underestimate the fallenness of humanity. it is/ would be REALLY bad.

thought three: of western civ readings, chpt 19
Robespierre was antichrist-ish, but I like Napoleon.